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100% organic

The organic retreat

100% organic with all food and drinks - 100% green electricity in the entire refuge - 100% healthy sleeping

The Hitzer family, even convinced bioconsiders, wanted to transfer their way of life not only privately but also to the whole place in order to offer the guests a safe enjoyment. As a pioneer in Saxony and with the location of the refuge in the national park, the Hitzer family has set itself the goal of promoting the topic of "organic" in the region. By doing so, you want to inspire and strengthen the indigenous, still relatively weak organic agriculture. Others should understand how important it is today to work sustainably and ecologically. "Organic" is not seen as a trend for the sustainable development of Schmilkas, but as a prerequisite for a healthy lifestyle and the preservation of natural resources for the future.

The slogan "100% organic" is lived here: from fresh organic vitality cuisine from organically grown, seasonal and preferably local ingredients, on the use of green electricity from renewable energy sources such as solar energy or waste heat recovery to electric cars and a private herbal , Vegetable and tomato garden. Founder, Managing Director and "Bionier" Sven-Erik Hitzer was also particularly interested in the ecologically compatible architectural themes since he took over the first building in Schmilka in 1993. The houses are ecologically renovated, the guest rooms are furnished according to building biology standards: with soaped wood floors, natural colors and textiles, natural latex mattresses and electro-smog-free indoor climate. So the whole place exudes a very special charm from rustic to sophisticated, but always natural, authentic and ecological aspects.

The organic and National Park refuge Schmilka is certified organic (DE-ÖKO 006) and a member of the Association of Bio and organic network   and   National Park partner of Saxon Switzerland.


Realize the true taste of the food!

  • Cooking is still going on in organic kitchens. Conventional aids, from microwave to chemical flavor enhancers, are absolutely taboo. Craft techniques, original recipes, regionality and seasonal orientation provide for more product diversity.
  • Organic ensures the genuine and authentic taste. Our sense of taste is trimmed by products of the food industry on artificial flavors and flavor enhancers. The organic kitchen brings back the originality of real life remedies to the palate.
  • Organic farming strictly renounces genetic engineering, pesticides, artificial fertilizers and pesticides. Instead, organic farming reflects on the self-regulating forces of nature. Organic food contains instead of poison more ingredients such. Vitamin C, magnesium and zinc as well as essential amino acids.
  • Organic farming preserves natural areas, cultivates rare plants and keeps endangered livestock breeds. Species-appropriate animal husbandry also leads to good health, vitality and resilience of the animals. The animals become less ill and even then treated only in naturopathy. So there are no drug residues in the meat.

The purchase of food from the region is combined with short transport routes, which saves energy and protects the environment. The origin and composition of the food also remains comprehensible.

Our supplier

Know where it comes from ...

Enjoyment with a clear conscience and only the best ingredients is part of our philosophy and your holiday in the Biosphere Reserve and National Park Retrait Schmilka quite naturally. Therefore, as much as possible, a large proportion of the products used come from farmers and producers within the region.


Enjoy with safety

Through the regular controls according to the EU Organic Regulation (DE-ÖKO-006) and according to the strict   guidelines of the BIO HOTELS   we guarantee the origin of all food from certified organic production, from local wild collection or fish tomboy.

Schmilka - the organic retreat in the National Park©

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